Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dream eze fitted for sale (Gently used)

Dream eze fitted diaper for sale! Both are gently used.

Dream Eze Fitted

A side snapping, turned and topstitched, 100% certified organic fitted diaper. So soft and absorbent with a 6 layer soaker sewn in one end which allows it to be not only very absorbent, but quick drying too!!!

Both in Medium size.

Approximately size guide:

Weight: 12-20 lbs (5.5kg to 9kg)
Rise: 15.5"-16"
Thigh: 7"-13"
Waist: 12"-18.5"

Retail price is RM65.

1) Plum blossom (M size) - SOLD

Selling at RM45 (including postage to Peninsular Malaysia). For East Malaysia, please add RM5.

2) Sunshine Yellow(M size) - SOLD

This one have some stains on the front (as pictured). It doesn't affect the performance of the diaper. Anyway, I'm letting this go at RM35 (including postage to Peninsular Malaysia). East Malaysia, please add RM5.

This is a wonderful diaper. I'm letting this go coz' it can't fit my daughter anymore.

Both used for about 6 months.

Monday, February 9, 2009

An early Valentine celebration at the Highlands

Valentine Day has always been very special for me because it is the day of my first date with my then boyfriend, and now husband. This year, we had an early celebration at Awana Genting Highlands on 1 February 2009.

We wanted to celebrate it at somewhere not too far from town and yet to have a tranquility and relaxing holiday. Finally, we decided to go to Awana Genting Highlands. We checked the internet and found a very tempting rate for a 2 day 1 night stay at Awana Hotels & Resorts. Despite it was a public holiday in KL on 1 February 2009, this 5-stars hotel offer a really competitive rate at RM99 for a one night tower room plus breakfast for 2. We were delighted with the offer!

We drove to Awana Genting Highlands after lunch on 1 February 2009 and the check-in was a breeze...the front desk staffs were courteous and we were assigned a room at 27th floor. The room also came with 2 complimentary return tickets for the Skyway.

The tower room was spacious with 2 queen-sized beds and the views were spectacular. We were assigned a room with the golf course view & swimming pool and we were really excited! It was really romantic standing at the balcony & sipping a glass of red wine. It was so refreshing and takes our minds away from the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

We spend the rest of the day strolling around Awana and checking out the Koi pond, go for a swim at the heated pool and jungle trekking. The air was so fresh and I regretted not booking a second night at Awana. Later in the evening, we went up to Genting Highlands and managed to catch a movie "The Wedding Game" at the Genting International Showroom. We also try our luck at the Casino and had lots of fun there.

Buffet breakfast was good with a good selections of local and western foods. I loves the rendang ayam that goes with the nasi lemak. It was really yummy and authentic. We had so much that we had to skip lunch for that day.

Overall, I had a great Valentine celebration with hubby at Awana Genting Highlands. We look forward for more exciting deals from Awana islands & highlands resorts and I am sure I will not be disappointed!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Out-of-town notice

I will be out-of-town from 15 October 2008 to 21 October 2008 (both dates inclusive). Access to e-mail will be limited and I will reply to all e-mails when I return. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another round of gently used CD for sale

It is funny that I have previous customers who have been e-mailing me for more gently used CD. I have sold off almost all my S size CD and now, these are the some the gently used CD I am letting go.

1. Wonderwrap One Size Diaper Cover (washed but not use) - RM30 (SOLD)

  • Didn't manage to use this at all coz I am using more pocket diaper nowaday. Decided to let this go now
  • This diaper is quite unique coz' it is adjustable to fit newborn to toddler. Come with 4 rows of snap to adjust the rise of the diaper

2. Drybees Fleece Pocket Diaper (Size M) in Baby Blue - RM45
Currently retail at RM63 (SOLD)

  • This diaper is made with the same well loved diaper pattern as other DryBees Diapers
  • Made with Heavy Weight Malden Mills Windpro Fleece
  • Perfect over night and heavy wetter diapers
  • No insert included ( you will need an insert for this diaper to work)
  • Available in M size

3. Happy Heinys Sherpa Fitted Diaper Size S - Selling for RM25 now
(previously RM30!)

4. Baby Zara Size 2 in Choco Polka Dot - RM35 (free soaker)
Currently retail at RM47.90 for the diaper and RM10 for the soaker


  • Size 2 diaper fit baby from approximately 8.5kg to 15kg
  • Outer layer fabric : 100% soft cotton
  • Inner layer fabric: 100% soft microfleece
  • Hidden layer: Waterproof material (breathable)
  • Absorbent Soaker/Booster : 1 layer of soft fleece, 3 layers of 100% cotton towel and 1 layer of microfiber towel or cotton flannel

5. Baby Zara Size 2 in Orange Teddy Bear - RM35 (free soaker)
Currently retail at RM45.90 for the diaper and RM10 for the soaker

  • Size 2 diaper fit baby from approximately 8.5kg to 15kg
  • Outer layer fabric : 100% cotton
  • Inner layer fabric: 100% soft microfleece
  • Hidden layer: Waterproof material (breathable)
  • Absorbent Soaker/Booster : 1 layer of soft fleece, 3 layers of 100% cotton towel and 1 layer of microfiber towel or cotton flannel

6. MonkeyBuns Fitted Bamboo Diaper Size S/M - RM35

  • This is a fitted diaper made from bamboo
  • Great absorbency
  • Size is S/M coz' there is a row of adjustable snap to adjust the rise of the diaper
  • This nappy require a cover for waterproof, if without cover, the nappy will just be damp, no leaking so far

7. Baby Beehinds Magic AIO (Size M) in Marine Green - RM50
Currently retail at RM78

  • This fantastic nappy is a 'true' AIO with a twist!
  • Made with a soft, smooth PUL outer, stay-dry microfleece inner and sewn-in soaker pad of 4 layers of microfibre terry-cloth, this nappy facilitate very quick and easy nappy changes!
  • Magic-AlO also have a pocket opening sewn in to the back of the nappy... so whilst you can use this as an AIO nappy, you'll also have the ability to customise the absorbency to suit baby's own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed! If baby is a heavy wetter or the nappy will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply add another insert as booster!
  • This nappy does not require a cover
  • Medium fits approximaterly 7 - 11kg

8. Kasihku SayangKu AIO - RM15 (Sale! Price reduced from RM20!) (SOLD)

  • This is a AIO and no cover is required
  • Fit baby from approximately 4kgs to 10kgs

Please contact me if you would like to purchase the above CDs.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another gently used Nursing Blouse for sale!

Hello Nursing Mom,

Breastfeeding is never an easy task. I have faced with countless challenges from cracked nipple to mastitis and knowing that breast milk is the best for baby, it is one of the most rewarding experience.

If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, give a big pat to yourself and you are doing what is BEST for your baby. If you have not already knew, mother milk is the gold standard milk and no manufacturers could produce the same...even with all the complicated added alphabets....DHA, B, C, IRON.....

To help nursing mother in enjoying the nursing experience, I have another gently used nursing blouse for sale. Who said nursing mother cannot be fashionable....look at these! It definitely doesn't look like any maternity or nursing blouse.

Brand: The Milky Way
Size: Medium (fit bust up to 38")
Colour: Black
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: RM35.00 (Currently retailing at SGD39.00)

Some description of the blouse from the manufacturer:
We are delighted to introduce yet another top that can be worn from pregnancy to breastfeeding. V-necked cutting is complemented wtih a unique knot-front design that shows off the curves. This top is great espcially for full-figured mothers.
  • Nurse by lifting the empire-line to access two generous nursing openings
  • No buttons, no zips, no fuss
  • Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandax
  • To wash, we recommend placing garment inside a netted bag before machine-washing it
  • A product of Milky Way, manufactured in Singapore

Grab this fast!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beautiful soft-soled baby shoes - It is finally here

Beautiful soft-soled leather baby shoes for sale. These are imported from Canada.

As these are limited edition items, I only have 1 pairs each for each design at the selected size.

Selling for RM59 per pairs only. A similar pairs selling in Mothercare or other major baby stores is priced at RM99.

Condition: Brand new

Material: Genuine leather upper and lining. Come with skid resistance leather sole. Great for baby who is learning how to walk!

Washing instructions: Washable by hand or machine

Size Chart: 6 to 12 months (about 127 mm/5 inch) & 12 to 18 months (about 140mm / 5.5inch)

These are so cute, right? So irresistible?

Pink teddy bear [6 to 12 months]

Mary Jane [12 to 18 months]

Ladybug [6 to 12 months]

Tree and bird [6 to 12 months]

Guitar [12 to 18 months]

Flower Green [12 to 18 months]

Khaki bear [6 to 12 months] (SOLD)

eroplane [12 to 18 months]

The Milky way nursing blouse for sale

Gently used beautiful & sweet nursing blouse for sale. I have only wore this once or twice. So it is as good as new. Would like to let go at RM35. The current retail price is SGD27.50 and in Malaysia is RM68.

Brand: Milky Way - Side Ribbon Faux Wrap Blouse

Condition: 9/10

Design: Flower on cream

Size: Medium (can fit bust up to 38”)

Details of the blouse from the manufacturer:

Feminine and flattering, this blouse drapes beautifully around your curves and is soft to the touch. It features side runching detail that is strung together with tie-ribbons that allow you to adjust the amount of gathers you want at the side. Both the sleeves and the hem of the blouse are beautifully wrapped in lettuce-stitches. Inner layer is a comfortable stretchy cream-coloured material.

Nurse from the two generous nursing openings at the inner-layer by pushing aside the outer wrap layers. The back of the blouse is left single-layered so it is very cooling and comfortable to wear.

No buttons, no zips, no fuss

Made from 95% fine cotton and 5% spandex

To wash, we recommend placing garment inside a netted bag before machine-washing it

A product of Milky Way, manufactured in Singapore